47 Deer Creek Road
Hulett, WY 82720

Wyoming rancher cuts out the middleman and sells directly to consumers.


Purchasing your beef from Cold Creek Ranch Beef is a simple process. We offer it beginning March 1st of every year. You have the option to purchase quarters, halves or whole animals. We offer steers and heifers. Steers will produce 480 pounds of beef and heifers are normally 440 pounds of beef. Payment is due by June 1st on your purchase.

When the animals are taken to the local processor in November, you will receive a call from them on how you want your beef to be cut and wrapped. YOU get to decide how YOU want YOUR beef. If you want 2 steaks per package and them to be 1 inch thick, you are in control. No more just getting what is on the shelf at the local grocery store.

After your beef has been processed to your specifications, you will be required to pay for the processing at that time. Average costs is $200 on a quarter, $350 on a half, and $700 on a whole animal. That’s roughly $6.10 per pound of meat. Can you get a steak you can cut with a butter knife from the store for $6.10? From Cold Creek Ranch Beef you CAN!

Are you concerned about being able to store your beef at home? We can walk you through what would be needed. Freezers come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. If you have any questions, we are here to help.

Delivery of your beef from the processor to areas in our region are available at NO CHARGE to you.

“We bought a 1/2 and found it to be absolutely awesome! Better than anything we have purchased! We raised our own beef for years, Brian’s is better than what we raised, he has a technique and it works! We will be buying again in November and so will several of our friends!! Best beef and best value you will find.”

Sandy Ruvolo