About Us

As far back as the eye can see, our family has been involved in the agriculture industry. From the timber industry to farming crops and raising livestock, we have been involved. Our family has always strived to create the best product available.
Our latest adventure is selling beef directly to you, the consumer. As a cow/calf operation, we sell the vast majority of our calves to feeders across the country. They eventually get to you, but we know nothing of the quality of the meat, how the animal was treated and taken care of. Now we are eliminating those individuals. We raise the livestock here at home. We feed the livestock with our own grass and hay. We also feed our beef with quality grains directly from our local feed store.
We believe that what we are doing can’t be matched. The product will speak for itself. If you are looking for a restaurant quality steak, at grocery store prices, look no further. We strive to make our product better every day and our customers wanting more. For beef that can’t be matched, you found the right place.

Cold Creek Ranch Beef, Hulett Wyoming

“Picked up our 1/4 cow yesterday. Smoked and seared a sirloin to start, absolutely amazing. 1/4 is going to go quick. Next year it’s a full for me. Thank you Brian!”

Joshua Davis

Wyoming rancher cuts out the middleman and sells directly to the consumer.