fresh, organic, homegrown beef

Cold Creek Ranch is a family owned and operated cow/calf ranch located north of Hulett, Wyoming.  We raise top quality black angus cattle.  Our cows calve in March and April, and are sold in October of the same year.  We keep all of our own heifers for replacements for the coming years. 

Our beef program is growing and expanding every year.  We have customers in Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, and Texas.  Our beef is offered to the public for sale in March each year.  The animals are available in quarters, halves, and whole.  They are taken to the processor in November at 1150 + pounds.  That will equate to 420-460 pounds of meat for you.  

In this day and age where a person is concerned about where your food comes from, look no further than Cold Creek Ranch Beef.  We can tell you all that you need or want to know about your beef.  We can trace your animal up to 8 generations at this time.  We can show you where the animals are roaming during the year, as well as what they are eating.  

Our cattle are our livelihood.  We take care of them to our best ability.  When temperatures are -20 F up to 100 F, we are out there with them.  If our cattle can’t produce, we can’t stay in business.  If you are wanting fresh, organic, home grown, well cared for ranch raised beef, YOU FOUND IT.  Reach out to us anytime.  

Thank you

The family of Cold Creek Ranch Beef

“Hands-down, the best independent rancher beef we have tried. Incredibly flavorful and not gamey at all. So juicy and very high-quality. I can’t wait until we can buy another cow. Thank you so much Brian!”

Amaret Grace